Latest exhibition information of the company

  Zhejiang Ganshi refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.(Shangyu Chunhui air cooling equipment Co,Ltd) was founded in 1999, is specializing in the production of meat food processing two sterilizing and cooling air drying device, automatic drying machine, low temperature and high humidity and thawing machine, cold ammonia and fluorine and glycol machine, full automatic steaming machine, Ice cream, evaporative condenser, evaporator in the freezer, ship air cooling machine and all kinds of refrigeration, ven川ation, air conditioning equipment enterprises
The total area of 106000 square meters of the company, the building area of 74000 square meters, the registered capital of 4800000 dollars. With advanced equipment and testing instruments, such as high automation automatic horizontal domestic OAK equipment, punching production line, automatic tube expanding machine, fully automatic CNC plasma cutting line, automatic library board production line. Creating good conditions for product development and manufacturing
The company's long-term cooperation with scientific research institutions of China ship heavy industry group Shanghai seven<four research institute, Hefei General Research Institute of technology, Zhejiang Institute of electrical and mechanical design, design and Research Institute of the Ministry of internal trade and Shuanghui group, has successfully developed a number of high-tech products. In 2008 the company was identified as municipal science and technology enterprises, in 2009 was recognized as the municipal high-tech enterprises, in 2010 was identified as the Zhejiang province science and technology small and medium一sized enterprise, Shaoxing science and technology prize three, Zhejiang province has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise; the company passed the ISO一9001 international quality management system certification and China COC quality certification, established a perfect quality assurance system.