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Marine Air Cooler

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The company specializes in the production of secondary sterilization, cooling and air drying devices for meat food processing, automatic dryers, low-temperature and high humidity thawers, ammonia and fluorine and ethylene glycol chillers, automatic rice steamers, ice cream evaporators, evaporative condensers, in-line quick freezers, marine chillers, and various types of refrigeration, ventilators, air conditioners and other equipment.

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Marine Air Cooler

1. Product Use

 The Freon pendant coolers (referred to as air coolers) produced by our company include HUC. LUC, CGL and CDL. It is mainly used for small refrigerators and freezers on ships, and can also be used in small refrigerators on various civil ships and on land. Among them, HUC and CGL series are suitable for the storage temperature above 0C. on the cold storage. It can preserve fruits, vegetables, fresh eggs and other foods; CDL and LUC series are suitable for freezing warehouses below -18°C, and can directly freeze fresh meat, fresh fish and other foods.


      (1). This product adopts a ceiling structure, does not occupy the practical area of the cold storage, and improves the utilization rate of the cold storage.

       (2). The axial flow fan is forced to ventilate, the air circulation in the warehouse is fast, the cooling speed is fast, and the temperature of the warehouse is uniform.

       (3). The fins used in the air cooler adopt advanced technology of twice flanging and mechanical tube expansion. The fins and evaporation tubes are all made of red copper materials with excellent thermal conductivity. The same material is not affected by thermal expansion and contraction, which greatly improves heat transfer. coefficient.

       (4). The marine air cooler motors are specially designed, all of which are treated with special "three defenses", and have been verified and approved by the relevant departments.

        (5). The HUC and CGL type high temperature storage air coolers do not have a defrosting device and rely on the storage temperature to defrost naturally: HUC and CDL low temperature storage air coolers are equipped with electric heating and defrosting devices, and the electric heating tube used for defrosting has won the national patent (patent). No. ZL94.202691. 8), and has passed IS09002 international certification and British royal certification, safe and reliable use.

        (6). The shell and fasteners of this product are all stainless steel, which has strong anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance.

        (7). This series of products R1 2. R1 340, R22. R502, R404A, R407 are common working fluids.

Dimensions Of LUC And HUC Marine Low-Temperature Air Coolers:

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