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The company specializes in the production of secondary sterilization, cooling and air drying devices for meat food processing, automatic dryers, low-temperature and high humidity thawers, ammonia and fluorine and ethylene glycol chillers, automatic rice steamers, ice cream evaporators, evaporative condensers, in-line quick freezers, marine chillers, and various types of refrigeration, ventilators, air conditioners and other equipment.

Products Detail

Working Principle

The pasteurization method is used to automatically adjust the temperature of various packaged or canned foods, and the temperature of the hot water in the sterilization tank is controlled between 85 ~ 98C, which can not only achieve the sterilization effect, but also ensure that the protein and other nutrients are not present. Fluctuates and changes within a large temperature range, maintains the original quality of the food, achieves no anti-chest agents and additives to the food, and prolongs the shelf life, thus protecting people's lives and health. At the same time, the sterilized items are cooled by cooling water, and the air-drying is heated by the steam coil in the front section of the storage body, and the hot air is sent through the high-pressure axial flow fan, so as to evaporate the moisture on the surface of the material, and the materials that come out are cooled by the rear section of the storage body The cooling fan in the section is used for cooling, so that the surface temperature of the material drops to the temperature required by the process, and then it is packed and put into storage.

Production Line Flow Chart

■Equipment Configuration

This equipment is composed of sterilizer, cooling machine, wind dryer and electric control part. Through electric control, automatic continuous production is realized.

■Product Features

1. Made of food-grade stainless steel, the equipment is safe and hygienic.

       2. Pasteurization is adopted, which is safe and effective.

       3. After processing, the food can maintain the original quality and have a long shelf life.

       4. Due to the use of automatic temperature control and frequency converter speed regulation, the equipment has a high degree of    automatic assembly line, high production efficiency, and low labor intensity of operators.

       5. High efficiency and energy saving, low noise.

       6. It has a high degree of hygiene, realizes automatic continuous production, can avoid cross-contamination of workers, and meets international food hygiene requirements.

       7. The equipment is easy to use and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance. 8. The conveyor belt adopts frequency conversion adjustment, and the adjustment range is large, which can adapt to different sizes and shapes of packaged or canned food.

       9. It has a wide range of applications. It can not only sterilize pickled vegetables such as radish, pickled mustard, kohlrabi, pickled cucumbers, pickles, and lettuce shoots, but also sterilize canned sausages such as ham sausage, meat sausage, fish, sausage, elbow flower, etc. Kind of canned food.

       10. Multifunctional design, which can be specially designed according to different requirements of users.

■Order Instructions

1. When ordering this product, basic parameters such as the planned production capacity, variety, specification (size after bagging) and product density (small package) must be provided.

2. Provide production process requirements and production process layout.

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