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Ammonia cooling fan

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The company specializes in the production of secondary sterilization, cooling and air drying devices for meat food processing, automatic dryers, low-temperature and high humidity thawers, ammonia and fluorine and ethylene glycol chillers, automatic rice steamers, ice cream evaporators, evaporative condensers, in-line quick freezers, marine chillers, and various types of refrigeration, ventilators, air conditioners and other equipment.

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CPL evaporative condenser is a new-generation energy-saving and environmentally friendly condenser that has been successfully developed on the basis of fully absorbing the latest heat exchange technology at home and abroad and updating and improving it. It has the characteristics of good condensation effect, low operating cost, obvious water and electricity saving effect, convenient installation, low operating noise and long service life. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial refrigeration and low temperature processing of beer, beverage, food, refrigeration, building air conditioning and other fields.

The CPL evaporative condenser uses water and air as the cooling medium to exchange heat with the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant in the coil to condense the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant into a liquid state. The cooling water is sent to the upper part of the condensing coil by the circulating water pump, sprayed to the outer surface of the condensing pipe group through the nozzle, and forms a thin water film to flow downward. The evaporation of water in the water film absorbs a lot of heat to condense the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas in the tube into a liquid. The fan discharges the evaporated hot and humid gas into the atmosphere, the tiny water droplets in the hot and humid gas are discharged into the water collecting tank through the high-efficiency water collector, and the high-temperature cooling water that is not evaporated flows into the packing layer and the incoming air for heat exchange, becoming low-temperature cooling. The water is sent back to the spray water pipe by the circulating water pump for circulating work. The cooling water of the condenser is recycled, and the water level in the sump is automatically controlled.

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