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诚招:制冷设计工程  2名  三年以上工作经验

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Chairman Speech

     As an independent course, chemistry is closely related to people's daily life and its development also reflects the progress of civilization, Nowadays many people choose chemistry as their life-long career.
    However, chemical plants are usually located far away from urban area, so their  workers  have  to  work  under  more  rigid  and  tough  environment Nevertheless, our workers still devote themselves to this career wt thout complaint and regret, because they believe that this is also an industry full of creativity andprospect.
    During the recent ten years, Jinke group has gone through many difficulties and  hardships to gain the current success;  and  I would  like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our employees, society and clients for
their continuous support.
    Under the current background of very complicated global economicsituation  and  tough  competition,  we shall  be  prepared  to  meet greater challenges and work harder than ever to reach our objective; becoming the largest producer of peroxides and the largest manufacturer of performance chemical materials  in the world, However, I believe that as long as we persist to our corporate spirit of 'self-discipline and self-commitment' and strive for this goal, we will win clients' trust and social recognition and make make greater contributions to our society.

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